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This week's reviewed movie is:
Rock of Ages




Gene the Barber

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This is a collection of pop hit songs from a stage play transformed into a big screen movie called Rock of Ages.

It's the same old story of boy meets girl, but don't worry about the plot, you don't need any; you just need to enjoy the film whose every scene is built around a classic 1980 soft rock classic song.

Tom Cruise plays a mystic over-the-top super rock star -- having more fun than he has allowed himself in years.

Just enjoy a great time at the movies.

The cast and music is well worth the price of a ticket. 
Rock of Ages has enough 80s cheese to fulfill most nostalgic dreams -- but it's Tom Cruise's performance as rock legend Stacee Jaxx that makes the trip worthwhile.

The plot is simple: small town girl comes to Hollywood to fulfill her dream to become a singer, meets the boy of her dreams, and duets follow.

It is well directed by Hairspray choreographer Adam Shankman.

It's a kitschy trip back in rock & roll history.
The big thing that I thought was ridiculous in this version of the Broadway musical was when the two stars sing in one ultra-romantic duet.

They sing and do a striptease to the song I Want to Know What Love Is at the same time.

I think somebody missed the boat with this mental impression.

It's a crazy concept to mix striptease with that song.  

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