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Polar Express




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This movie shows a young boy in bed on Christmas Eve listening for sleigh bells that'll indicate the arrival of Santa Claus--but he's not really sure he'll hear them with all his disbeliefs.

That's when a train suddenly appears onto his front lawn-- and the conductor invites him onboard to the North Pole for a meeting with the great man in a red suit and the gift of believing.

You will be quite impressed with the ride on the Polar Express plunging down hills, sliding across frozen lakes and through a vast wonderland of make believe.

Just don't forget to buckle your seat belt.

The Polar Express is a magical tale told magically, thanks to new strides in computer technology.

Tom Hanks acts and voices six different roles in this adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg's children's book about faith at Christmastime.

Its overall look is creepy, but it's a visual and technical masterpiece sure to become a Christmas classic.

The Polar Express is a classic prize-winning picture book tale about a boy testing his faith in Santa Claus by taking a magical fantasy train trip to the North Pole.

The story is about faith and the desire to believe in something.

This children's book turned into a film is like a timeless and universal memory of Christmas.

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