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Pineapple Express has nothing to do with train travel.

It's a combination of buddy comedy, pot humor, foul language, blazing automatic weapons, and mayhem.

If you can get through some gross moments, you're in for a surprisingly funny ride.

The whole movie is just one big spoof. The chemistry between Roger and Franco works quite well.

This makes Cheech & Chong's Dude, Where's Your Car outdated.

If you're in the mood for a stoner comedy, buddy/buddy-action film, then this is for it.

But if you're in the mood for a comedy (nope), a buddy/buddy film (no), or an action flick (sorry), this one misses the mark by a mile.

Full of pot heads, drug lords, crooked cops, and more firepower than a typical Rambo movie, it tries too hard to be the parody Hot Fuzz was, but doesn't come close.

Pineapple Express is an adult comedy tale of two happy and what seems to be harmless pot heads who get caught in the middle of a whole bunch of murderous crimes, after one of them witnesses a killing.

Before long, the two are being chased by hit men, cops, and only the devil knows who else.

The movie is an amusing story of drugs and crooks and general misuse, but the more it goes on, the less it connects with its goofy stoner comic style.

The picture turns crazy and bloody violent and becomes a cynical action joyride, in my view.

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