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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Other Guys




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



All comedies have some slow spots, but I find The Other Guys pulled it off more than most.

Will Ferrell is less offensive than he usually is, and tosses out some hilarious one-liners plus a few clever bits.

Technically, the picture is solid with clean wide-screen cinematography and visual effects that are more than average.

It's definitely funnier than other spoofs of the buddy cop type and should do the job for a few good laughs.

The first 15 minutes of this film are great, an over-the-top nod to all police films where officers cause $1 million in damage for a minor drug bust.

After that, it becomes the comic mismatch of Ferrell and Wahlberg -- completely out of synch surrounded by a mass of explosions and car crashes.

It's still funny, but the repetitive gags (especially from Wahlberg) get old rather quick.

The Other Guys is a buddy cop action comedy that is about the misadventures of a couple of not-quite New York's finest cops who run into trouble when they get a chance to crack a big-time financial fraud case.

These two peons exist in the shadow of big-time action hero super cops who have the car chases and the shoot outs.

The lead geek weirdo and his roughneck co-star partner get shoved onto the streets and into the world of real guns and real crime when their action heroes are killed.

The movie is silly and full of nonsense, but it has a great back-up cast that worked for me with their comic extremes.

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