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Men in Black II




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If you're a fan of Men in Black, then get ready for more alien fun. The sequel offers plenty worth seeing and adds to the follow up to the original.

The gadgets and cool effects are top notch and plentiful, but the film really relies on humor more than anything else.

The movie only lasts 88 minutes, and things move along faster than a Roadrunner cartoon--so sit back as aliens of all shapes and sizes roll by trying to be humans. Just great fun!

Like most sequels, this one has little plot and maintains its momentum on the sheer chemistry of its stars. So it may be the same old stuff, but it is the familiarity that makes it so funny.

Tommy Lee Jones deadpanning as a postal employee, Frank the Pug stealing every scene he's in, and Will Smith as the "responsible" agent--I'm just glad they're out there to keep our universe a safer place to live.

Men in Black II are back with improved special effects.

Everything is played for laughs in this science-fiction comic-book comedy. This is summer fun and nothing should be taken seriously.

I thought the scene stealer of this film was a dog named Frank. He's a suit-wearing, "I Will Survive"-singing, cigar-smoking pug (dressed in black). That pooch alone is worth the price of admission, in my view.

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