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I just don't know why they can't make a good action-packed romantic comedy anymore.

This movie never really lets you know when you're supposed to laugh - cry - or feel embarrassed.

None of it is well-written or well-staged, and most is very irritating.

I know, after seeing Killers, just how I'll get even for sitting through it

Although it starts out in Cannes and looks like it might be promising, Killers is not a comedy, not a romance, and not an action film.

It doesn't seem to be about anything -- not love, not relationships, not even about secrets.

It's about 90 minutes of Katherine Heigl whining and Ashton Kutcher looking smug as they destroy suburbia being chased by -- well, they never really make that too clear.

Perhaps it's critics.

This movie is just an empty summer mixture or jumble of worn-out, repetitive romantic comedy exchanges with droopy, dim, lackluster action.

The plot is almost beyond belief, with a last act that tells some things that are secret or private, that's both foolish and repulsive.

But it's surpassed by the complete lameness of the dialogue and the carelessness of the many fight sequences and a car chase so awkwardly choreographed that it's hard to believe it was done by professionals.

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