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This movie is based on the real life of Iris Murdoch. Her career as a novelist was way ahead of her time.

They artfully weave past and present throughout the story of an unstoppable love relationship.

The film neither attempts to tell her life story or focus on her writings.

Instead, it's a highly personal glimpse at her decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

This movie will stand out in your mind well after you leave the theater.

Judi Dench and Kate Winslet play Iris, the story of novelist/philosopher Iris Murdoch.

More a story of loss, than creativity, Iris celebrates life, loyalty, and the commitment of love, no matter what the circumstances.

With standout performances, great direction and a solid script. And yes, Jim Broadbent's Oscar-winning performance as Iris' husband and biographer, John Bayley.

Iris Murdoch was considered one of the most important, brilliant and imaginative novelists in England. She wrote 28 novels and also wrote and taught philosophy.

I thought this film of her life failed to do her justice. Instead of recognizing the many complexities of her work, the movie grieves her life with Alzheimer's disease, which is especially tragic because it takes away the person while the flesh remains.

This picture is invigorating and wise at the start and very sad at the end, but I was disappointed without a middle to the story.

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