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In 1976, Dick Vermeil, the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles football team, took a big chance and opened tryouts to any and all comers, after an eleven-season losing streak.

Down on his luck substitute teacher and bartender, 39-year-old Vincent Papale tries out and overcomes every obstacle to be chosen.

This true story sounds just like most by the number sports story, but give it a shot. It's a solid film that resists gooey sentiment and delivers something that feels like it's been earned.

Invincible is Rocky on the football field.

It's a rag to riches gridiron fable (based on a true story) that never gets too sappy, despite itself.

Cinematographer turned director Ericson Core is to be congratulated for making a sports movie that is both unique and yes… predictable, with such restraint.

Here's a true inspirational sports story for anyone out there who ever dreamed of football glory.

It's a real armchair quarterback tale that happened to Vince Papale, a part-time bartender and substitute teacher who was picked out at an open tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles and won a spot on the team in 1976 as a wide receiver.

What's amazing is he had never played college football a day in his life and winds up the heart and soul of the team.

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