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High Fidelity focuses in on the rambling thoughts of its romantically challenged main character, played by John Cusak, who may be the only actor in the world that could pull this off.

John also produced and co-wrote this film, adapted from a novel by Nick Hornby. He's crafted a labor of love story about a music store specializing in LPs.
It should be a big hit, especially if you were born in the 60s or 70s or ever worked in a record store.

A quality motion picture.

With a minimum of plot, this story of an obsessive record store owner is in reality a quirky comedy about romantic relationships and the devastating impact they make.

It's full of off-beat characters I've actually met.

It is dry, droll, and at times pretty darn funny.

High Fidelity is a movie about love and music. The film is an odd, witty, and at times silly comedy that explores the romantic disasters of the main characters.

The star doesn't pretend to have any answers about anything except maybe who belongs in the top five of any category you would care to name.

There really isn't much of a plot and the picture is driven by characters who are quite demented and unambitious, but I found it entertaining in its own crazy way.

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