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I knew very little about Frida Kahlo going into this movie, but I came out with a very clear understanding about who she was, and the important events which helped to shape her life.

It's a remarkable story about her fame, mistakes, and downfall of being an artist and married to another famous artist, and communist supporter.

It's a solid film about her short tragic life and certainly deserving of being told.

No bars held, and pull no punches.



Salma Hayek should be very proud of herself; not only did she get to do her dream project--the biography of Frida Kahlo, but in the process she assembled the right people to paint a masterpiece-- a masterpiece of acting, storytelling, and art direction.

Frida is a tragic story told with such love, that only its beauty shines through.

Fresh, interesting and very adult. It is an extraordinary film. Thank you Salma.

This new film is about, perhaps, Mexico's greatest woman painter.

The story has been a long time coming to the big screen--about 20 years. Frida Kahlo became famous in the U.S. after her death at age 47, in 1954.

The movie paints a true picture of the artist. The central fact of her life that prompted her to become a painter was a trolley accident that became the subject of all her work.

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