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Everybody's Fine is about a retiree played by Robert DeNiro.

He just lost his wife, and now wants to try and restart his relationship with his his grown kids with a surprise visit to each one.

He finds them uncomfortable around him, and it seems they're trying to hide something.

Also, he finds out he's the disciplinarian and his late wife was the provider of emotional support.

This film stays simple, sincere, and heart-warming, not a real Xmas upper, but no doubt some will feel like they've been run over by a train.

At times it gets a little melodramatic, but it's right to the point.

I found it just fine.

When his children all give excuses for not showing up to a family reunion dinner, Frank Goode decides it's time to visit each one of his four children to find out why.

It's a road picture about self-discovery, aging, and truth that turns into a sad tale about a dysfunctional family with a lack of communication.

The film Everybody's Fine is a story about a recently widowed father who tracks down his three grown children when they all cancel their trip home for a visit.

I found this sad tale hard to accept, like the way each son or daughter is secretly unhappy and lying to their dad about such important life changes as divorce and childbirth.

This is not very believable in a modern American family.

There were just too many other falsehoods in the rest of the movie to find it enjoyable.

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