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Captain America: The First Avenger superhero movie is made for every age group.

The mainstream viewers will enjoy the big action scenes with all the Nazis glowing laser guns, plus plenty of well-timed one-liners.

The hard-core comic book fans can remember all the Marvel history inside jokes and will feel included and not left out.

I'll have to say they kept the popcorn popping for two full hours, and even had a big production musical dance number.

Captain America has everything I needed and much, much more.

A fun time I'll remember well after leaving the theater.
If it wasn't for next year's Avengers film, I doubt if Captain America would have ever been made.

This quaint, ultra-patriot is more nostalgia than superhero.

Yes, it suffers from "origin story," but it is such a great period piece that it is a joy to watch.

Steve Rogers spends more time battling Hydra than Hitler, but Hugo Weaving's campy Red Scull seems more threatening than the entire Nazi army.

Confusing but fun.
Captain America: The First Avenger is a great Marvel comic book tale about a common relatable guy.

He's an underdog who despite short-comings chooses the good instead of being bitter.

The star character behind the mask, starts out as a puny young man with a heart who volunteers for a top-secret experiment that turns  4-F runts into Nazi-fighting super studs.

The film sets up next summer's big Marvel superhero group called The Avengers.

The filmmakers have put together a light, clever and skillfully balanced action adventure for this Captain America.

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