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Catch & Release




Gene the Barber

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When the groom dies during a bachelor party rafting trip, his wedding becomes his funeral -- and a bad hair day for his bride.

It's a pretty peculiar film when she finds out he led a double life and fathered a son. Both mother and son show up to collect money from his family.

This is supposed to be a bittersweet story about love and loss and second chances, but there's not a genuine laugh or heart-felt emotion in the whole thing.

It just went in too many directions with no real point.

And it sure did not tickle my funny bone.

Something smells fishy, and it just may be this film.

Jennifer Garner stars in Catch and Release, a romantic comedy that has every cliche in the book, except romance or comedy.

It's an unfunny premise with an equally funny script, thanks to writer/director Susannah Grant.

And unlike fish or relatives, this one stinks right away!

The movie, Catch and Release, is a romantic comedy of love lost, when her fiance dies right before their marriage, and with this set up, the planned wedding turns into a funeral.

The film starts off like it might amount to something, but then gets tangled up in unlikely twists and turns.

The picture tries to be too many things and succeeds in being none, in my view.

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