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Evelyn Waugh's novel is slimmed down for the big screen as an unsophisticated painter gets involved with a deeply religious Roman Catholic family at their stately countryside mansion.

What starts out as a friendship between college friends quickly turns to drama when the aspiring artist lusts after his chum's sister.

Stunning photography and overlong looks and conversations make this story seem to last forever.

The movie takes place during the destructive, romantic period between the world wars and concerns a young, lonely Englishman of modest means and social standing.

After he becomes friends and involved with a brother and sister from an aristocratic family who live on a British grand estate called Brideshead, he finds himself in a world where religion is more of an issue than class.

This creates a problem, because his stance as an admitted atheist makes him an unsuitable husband for his love interest.

The classic novel has been shortened for this screen adaptation, and the basic story remains untouched and shows a mixed-together, confused, troublesome situation of emotional complications of lust, guilt, love, hate, grief, and jealousy.

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