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Almost Famous




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Almost Famous is a movie that lets you look at the many sides of rock and roll in the 70s. It shows the journalism views from a 15-year-old boy and takes you backstage to hotel rooms, on the bus, even airplanes to show some of the down sides of road life.

It touches on just about every aspect of this industry.

It's just a wonderful movie to watch. There's so many good actors and performances--too many to mention.

There should be lots of Academy picks from this one.

A real surprise movie, even if you don't like rock & roll.

Finally, a movie about the 70s that does not pour on the nostalgia and show the decade through rose-colored glasses. Well, maybe a little.

Almost Famous is a backstage look at rock & roll that is well-scripted, has believable characters, is charming, witty, and sure to be noticed at Oscar time.

Immensely entertaining and a must see!

Almost Famous is about a roll band on the road, called Stillwater, that gives a young reporter a rock 'n roll education.

The screenwriter, who has lived the story, recalls everything as a teen rock reporter, bringing a hazy decade into focus in the 70s.

It's the pain and exhilaration of that time, rather than a movie about "look at all the funny hairstyles we once had (of course, there was a bit of that too)," he said.

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