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50/50 captures the strange isolation of death better than any film in recent memory.

But the title doesn't convey its heroes odds for survival; it's also a dangerous journey well-traveled and how the burden of cancer is balanced between one's self and those who love you.

A fight like this is a lonely thing.

I think it really shows the strength from the understanding that everyone may die alone but we all live together.

50/50 is a cancer comedy with heart.

Based on the real-life experiences of writer Will Reiser, and filled with raunchy humor, this buddy/buddy romantic drama is an amalgam of off-beat ideas about friendship, romance, and introspection.

As Terms of Endearment proved, humor can take the edge off of tragedy.

And in the end, the lesson to be learned is: laughter IS the best medicine.

The title 50/50 refers to the survival chances of the star character, who has a rare form of spinal cancer.

The basic story is put together mostly from type patterns; a young man with cancer moves forward and backwards over the expected emotional trip.

His girlfriend dumps him, he falls for his therapist, and he befriends a couple of old codgers -- who give important life lessons while they're in chemotherapy together.

I liked the fact that the tale was based on a friendship during screenwriter Will Reiser's long treatment for spinal cancer at the age of 25.

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