Boating at Lovers Point, c. 1900
High tide at Lovers Point, c. 1900
President McKinley at Methodist Church, 1900
First Mayflower Church postcard, 1906
Culp Brothers ruler
Long & Gretter glass bottle
El Carmelo Hotel postcard, c.1915
Cogswell Fountain postcard, c. 1910
Forest Hill Hotel brochure/map, c.1940
Tribune photo of Fire Chief Gasperson, 1972
Tribune photo of Bud Giles and Morrie Fisher, 1975
Measure G campaign poster and button
Christian Church commemorative plate
The "Home Team" campaign buttons and cards, 1994

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Boating at Lovers Point
Boating at Lovers Point
c. 1900.



High tide at Lovers Point
Really high tide at Lovers Point
Pres. McKinley in PG
This stereo card shows President McKinley leaving the Old Methodist Church on Lighthouse Avenue. He visited Pacific Grove in 1901, just months before his assassination.
Mayflower Church
First Mayflower Church.
Postcard postmarked May 8, 1906, a few weeks after the Earthquake. Back reads: "Did you feel the earthquake? P.G. survived it."

Culp Bros. ruler
Culp Brothers was in downtown PG on Lighthouse Avenue. 

Culp Bros. ruler
Long and Gretter bottle
Long & Gretter Druggists was another downtown business.
Postcard: The El Carmelo Hotel 
The El Carmelo Hotel was located on Lighthouse Avenue, where Holman's now stands. It was built and operated by the same company that ran the Del Monte Hotel. It was deconstructed in 1918, and some of the lumber was used at the Lodge at Pebble Beach.
Forest Hill Hotel postcard 
Forest Hill is now a retirement community, but it started out as a hotel.
Cogswell Fountain 
Cogswell Fountain was a water fountain erected by a temperance advocate. It was in Jewell Park until WWII, when it was melted down for the war effort.

Don Gasperson and John Hancharik
The Pacific Grove Tribune
February 2, 1972

Pacific Grove Fire Chief Don Gasperson and Volunteer Fireman of the Year John Hancharik.


PG Trib cover shows Bud Giles, Robert Nimmo, Morrie Fisher
The Pacific Grove Tribune
October 30, 1975

Bud Giles, Robert Nimmo, and Morrie Fisher.

Measure G poster
Measure G ensured that the Monarch Grove Sanctuary would be preserved.
Church plate
The Christian Church commemorative plate
The Home Team '94
The Home Team, 1994

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