Those marked with a . are not for sale, but all others are available for purchase. 
Commissions are also available. Contact the artist for more information.   

Ed's Lab
Mixed media


Hidden Treasure
Mixed media
(front & back)

On Highway 68 (Forest Avenue at David Avenue) in Pacific Grove, California. Extant.


Tail of the Pup
Mixed media
Formerly on La Cienega across from the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood, California. Extant, but has been moved.

Sphinx Realty
Mixed media

Zep Diner
Mixed media

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History's Octagon Museum
Mixed media
Permanent part of The Founders' Exhibit at the PGMNH

Holiday Inn Sign
Mixed media

Big Donut Drive-In
Mixed media

Tomato Soup for the Soul
Mixed media

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